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Porto Alegre southeastern region

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Links for referring sites to RS:

Government of  RS




Raķzes do Sul

City Hall of POA


Sites with informations of  the State of  Rio Grande do Sul (RS):


Sites with information of all RS cities:

NUTEP-UFRGS (Data and images of RS cities)

Site-RS (general information of RS)  

Famurs (Fed. of the Associations of Munic. RS)  

Virtual RS (general information of RS)  

SEFAZ (Collection of taxes and transferences of RS) 

Gaucho Traditionalism:

Page of the Gaucho (general information of RS)  

 MTG (Movimento Tradicionalista Gaúcho)

Virtual shed (Gauchos expressions, recipies, stories)

CTG Rincão of the Homesickness

Gaucho's Music

Pampas Informativo-Tradicionalismo

History Facts of  RS:


Raizes do Sul

Voltaire Schilling (History the 20th)

Literature gaucho:

Referenciais authors (Life and work of the biggest authors)

Gauchos writers (Biographies and parts of writings)  

Nose of the Word (Beginning Authors, of RS and Brazil)

Arts and Culture of  RS:

Teatro Sćo Pedro

Museu de Artes do RS (MARGS)

Views on Porto Alegre and other places of  Brazil

Tourism in RS:

Tourism-RS (Information of State Secretariat of Tourism, in RS)

 Wine Route (Information of the Hill region, in RS)  

Italian immigration in RS 

Turisvale (Information of the Taquari-RS Valley)

 Missions Route (Information of the Missions region, in RS)  

Missions Tourism

Rota Alternativa (Information about alternative routes of RS and Brasil) 

Pampas Informative

 Cinemas of RS (Timetable of cinemas of  RS)

Center of Cambará Events

Safari Pampas (Zoological to the outdoors)

Intercenter Trips (Travel agency)

 Gaucho Gastronomia:

Churrasqueiro (tips on barbecue)  

Salton (tips on wines)


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