Resumée: Luis Roque Klering


1.  Personal Data:

Professional address: 855, Washington Luiz street - suite 429 - Downtown - Porto Alegre - RS

2.  Education:

- Graduation in Chemical Engineering, Public Administration and Business Administration, UFRGS;

- Specialization in Software Management and Engineeering - UFRGS;

- Master in Business Administration, UFRGS. Dissertation: The management of data input systems through simulaton and heuristics; concept: A;

- Ph.D. in Business Administration - University of São Paulo. Thesis: The relation between the information technology stages and the management behavior patterns; grade: 10, with honors;

3.  Current activities:

- Professor of the Administrative Science Department, for graduation and post-graduation, at the Administration School of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, since 1987;

- NUTEP coordinator - Center of Studies and Technologies for Public Management, of UFRGS, Administration 

- Navi coordinator - Virtual Learning Center, Administration School of UFRGS;

- Assistant for academic and extension researches; 

- Author of softwares on business management;

- Author of the study on the Economical Development of RS Municipalities, yearly accomplished since 1984.

4.  Main research interests:

- to understand the main reasons for the organization and municipality development;

- inovation in the municipalities;

- the computer science and internet impact on the organization development;

5. Publications 

6. CV_Lattes (CNPQ) 

- organizational changes.


Updated in: Porto Alegre, on September 15th, 2012.