IMAGES FROM 02/26/2002:


- full moon night, during its perigee:   1,   2,   3

 IMAGES FROM 02/24/2002:


 - Bom Conselho School:   1,   2,   3

- a green tunnel formed by interwoven trees, on André Puente street:   1

- Moinhos de Vento Hospital, designed in 1933 by the notable German architect living in RS, Theodor Wiederspahn:   1,   2,   3

- former Cervejaria Bopp, designed in 1933 by the notable German architect Theodor Wiederspahn.  After several sales and mergers it finally became the Brahma brewery, which was deactivated in 1998.  The building has been turned over to the city's historical patrimony, waiting to be remodeled and for its spaces to be reused.  The dome in the form of a Prussian helmet, at the top of the building, was a characteristic of this German architect, which can also be seen in the buildings of MARGS and of the RS Memorial:    1,   2,   3  4,   5,   6,   7,   8,   9  10,   11,   12  13

- a street in the district of Floresta, lined with trees, in front of the São Pedro Cathedral:   1

- São Pedro Cathedral:   1

- Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora Cathedral, whose construction was inspired in the design of the La Madeleine Cathedral in Paris.  It has a very rare Greco-positivism style:    1,   2,   3  4,   5

- restaurant in the Montserrat district:   1

IMAGES FROM 23/02/2002:


Images of the new campus of Universidade de Caxias do Sul:   1,   2

=> More information about São Sebastião do Caí-RS:  see NUTEP/UFRGS site


It is one of the most developed cities in RS, having one of the 10 best GNP per capita from the 497 cities in the state.  It is known for its cheese production and for domestic utensils because it is the headquarters of Tramontina, which has a revenue close to R$ 1 billion per year and exports to more than 40 countries around the world:

   1,   2,   3  4,   5,   6  7,   8,   9  10,   11,   12  13  14

=> More information about Carlos Barbosa-RS:  see NUTEP/UFRGS site


It was emancipated in 1988.   Despite it being situated in a dynamic area with various progressive cities around it  (such as, Carlos Barbosa, Bom Princípio, São Pedro da Serra, and Salvador do Sul), it has grown very little since its political emancipation (see comments in the Discussion Forum of the site).

1,   2,   3  4,   5,   6  7,   8,   9  10

=> More information about Barão-RS: see NUTEP/UFRGS site

IMAGES FROM 01/28/2002 to 02/05/2002:

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Translated by Traduzca