Pictures from the penultimate day of the event:

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IMAGES OF AUGUST 24, 2002:  


The International Livestock Exhibition (Expointer) takes place at Assis Brasil State Exhibition Park, in Esteio, Rio Grande do Sul, from 24 August to 1 September. It is the biggest event of its kind in Latin America. Over 300 thousand people are expected during the 8-day event, in which farmers, businesses, universities and other institutions exhibit their best in terms of livestock raising, equipment, commodities, technology, knowledge and services related to the agricultural sector. The trade fair makes up a unique opportunity to put together small and big farmers, businessmen, students, teachers, and country-life supporters in general, to exchange information, acquire quality livestock, new solutions and know-how, or just to enjoy a good time at the park, where people can be experience a typical country life and environment.

Pictures from the first day of the event:  

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In order to see other information regarding Expointer 2002, visit the event’s official site clicking here.

Click here to see pictures from Expointer 2001. 

IMAGES OF AUGUST 18, 2002:  

Porto Alegre-RS:

- A very sunny Sunday morning at Farroupilha Park, forewarning the coming of spring:  1,   2,   3

- Buildings of UFRGS Central Campus, which are a part of the Project for Restoring the Historical and Cultural Patrimony of UFRGS, remodeled and opened again to the public on August 15, 2002:

a) UFRGS Museum:    1,   2,   3,   4,   5  6,   7  8

b) Radio of the University:    1,   2

c) Astronomy Observatory:    1,   2,   3

The finishing of these first three UFRGS historical buildings has been a gratifying and important contribution to the community since they have great historical and cultural value and enrich the options of entertainment and visitation at the Redenção Park.  After all the buildings are remodeled and with cultural activities in full swing, the weeks and especially Sunday mornings will make the Park a much more pleasant place and the Campus will begin to build an important tourist point in Porto Alegre.  More information on the Project for Restoring the Historical and Cultural Patrimony of UFRGS can be accesses at the site of the University.

Expositions at the UFRGS Museum 

(source: Agendão da Extensão, UFRGS, ano 4, nro. 33)

The exposition Art Teachers of UFRGS Art Institute brings together works that integrate the artistic collection of Paintings from Barão de Santo Ângelo and is being presented at the UFRGS Museum until February 13.  The exposition is divided into four modules, organized in chronological order, covering a period from 1910 to 2001.  Works from various artist techniques that have had or still have a teaching role at the University's Art Institute will be on display: Ângelo Guido, Ado Malagoli, Alice Soares, Aldo Locatelli, José Lutzenberger, Yeddo Titze, Eduardo Vieira Cunha, Mara Lúcia Cattani, Alfredo Nicolaievsky, Élida Tessler, and Hélio Fervenza.

On the mezzanine floor of the UFRGS Museum, the public can visit, until September 30, the exhibit Today and Yesteryears – Watercolors of Joaquim da Fonseca, which presents 12 works of art about the UFRGS historical buildings, built during the first years of last century.  The buildings translate architectonic concepts that express our ties with the European culture and were designed to house the University's first schools and colleges.

And in the middle room of the UFRGS Museum, visitors can get to know, until August 28, the "Update 2.0" Exposition – Modern Media Art in Germany, presenting a selection of 25 artistic projects made with video, CD-ROM, and internet, from 1997 to 2000, providing a panorama of the world of electronic German art.

These expositions can be visited from Monday to Saturday, from 10 o'clock in the morning to 7 o'clock in the evening in the new building of the UFRGS Museum (Av. Osvaldo Aranha, 277).  Also, visit the site of the museum at 

- Building of the College of Architecture, part of the UFRGS central campus:   1