The images are generated from a residential tower located next to the Matriz Garden of Porto Alegre, from  where it gets magnificent panoramic sights of the city, already praised by French researcher August Saint Hilaire in 1820. The page is edited by Luis Roque Klering, professor of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), of the School of Management of the University.

The page aims to be "a window" to the world, with city views from the lenses of webcams, for both visitors of page, of for visitors of other pages, as local government, information suppliers, tourism companies, business-oriented and others. Therefore, it prevents to present figures and symbols, that are not generated by its own webcams. The stacks of links to NUTEP allow visitors to access very many addresses of cities, public agencies and other institutions of Brazil and Mercosul.

The site searchs to combine with other networks of webcams in the world. It also prevents to indicate sites with incovenient images.

The page was created in December 1999; in January 2,000, its images had been included in the relation of "TOP TEN" of the Earthcam site, U.S.A.. Later, several other important distinctions confirmed the feeling and the expression of who live or of who it arrives at the reference city of the site: "Porto Alegre is too much". It receives an increasing number of accesses and visitors, from many countries of the world.