May 26th, 2002 images: 

Porto Alegre-RS:

Sunrise in the city:    1,   2,   3

May 25th, 2002 images:  

Porto Alegre-RS:

Sunrise in the city:   1

Highly  risky operation in order to place wires in a high-tension tower on Ipiranga Avenue: 1


Moon appearing, beyond the horizon line:   1

Sunset:   1

Watching moon, at sunset time on RS-240 highway (Scharlau-São Vendelino-RS :   1

May 23rd, 2002: 

Porto Alegre-RS:

Panoramic sights of the city on a blue-sky day:  1,   2,   3,   4,   5

May 22nd, 2002 images: 

Porto Alegre-RS:

Beautiful rainbow over the city:    1,   2,   3

May 19th, 2002: 

Amsterdam-The Netherlands:

The Netherlands capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With its more than 100 channels it is a rival to Venice beauties. It has famous museums, historical buildings (that have their origin in the Middle Ages) and also very modern ones. The buildings are always colorful and the windows are highlighted. But the city also has a liberal atmosphere, with several coffee shops and interesting bars in the “Red Light” zone.  Other impressions on this surprising, contrasting and colorful  European city may be read in "Lilian’s Chronicles",  written by the social communication student Lilian Piraine Laranja for the section "Câmera Móvel" of this site.  Access, check and confirm our hint! 

IMAGES OF MAY 11, 2002: 


This historical Dutch city was founded by the Romans in 47 DC in order to protect an important crossing point of the Rhine River.  It is one of the four most important cities in Holland along with Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam.  Here is located the main and most important university in Holland and the only archbishop seat in all of the Netherlands.  Follow other interesting impressions collected by correspondent Lilian Piraine Laranja, in the "Chronicles of Lilian", presented in the section "Mobile Camera".

Images of the city:    1,   2,   3,   4,   5,   6,   7,   8,   9,   10  

IMAGES OF MAY 10, 2002: 


 - image of a typical street: 1

IMAGES OF MAY 5, 2002:  


Nightfall over Guaíba Lake on the beach of Ponta Grossa:   1   

(picture kindly sent by Verônica Deane from London, England)


Translated by Traduzca