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Distinctions of site WCAMS:

The pictures that you just saw are among the best ones of the world, according to the indication of some sites appraisers of webcams images. Amongst the distinctions, they got:

Inclusion in the list of "TOP TEN" pictures of the EarthCam, U.S.A. (month 01/2000)

Inclusion in the list of the "Les plus belles livecams du Monde", of TF1, France

Inclusion in the list of "Top Cam" of the Ali-Cam, Brazil (in 03 and 10/2000)

"Spotlight" webcam, for Netcamera, Germany (month 03/2000)

"Cam of the Day", for Cammunity/Altavista, U.S.A. (April 3, 2000)

" Editors choice, with 5 stars", for Allcam, from U.S.A.

"Vier wunderschone Cams in Brasilien", for Camwelt, from Germany

Inclusion in the list of "TOP 1000" sites category webcams, for Tomorrow, from Germany (08/2000)

"Highlight" webcam, by the site "Stern", from Germany (07/2001)

"La webcam de la semaine", by the site "Le Site du jour", of France (08/2001)

"Webcam del mese", by the site "Global Geografia", of Italy (08/2001)